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I don’t think it’s some grand secret, especially in this community, that things are in the shitter. How far down the pipe everything actually is though, I think is lost on many of us. That said, I hope the above pictures I shared shine some light on exactly where we are, and exactly what is to come.

I try my damnedest to be a realist, and sometimes being a realist involves being a pessimist, somewhat. In saying this, my goal is not to be a panic inducing phobe of what’s to come, but I wholeheartedly believe that we are in for it with this one, and as such, everyone should know.

Dear old Uncle Sam has taken it upon himself that, during the “Corona Times”, and the world-wide shit-show happening outside nearly everyone’s front doors, that our hard earned tax dollars that we begrudgingly give (by force (for most of us)), that they should idiotically be dumped into the crumbling stock-market, and as such creating a potentially exponential growth in the deficit, and equally so in retirements. The deficit now being ballooned, the dollar will catch up. I only pray everyone is bracing for impact as this collides with the false reality. This is what should be causing riots.

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