Tweet Buster: To buy stocks now, or not to? Shankar Sharma, Maheshwari, Ravi Dharamshi debate

NEW DELHI: Stock markets have rallied too fast, too much, making many question if it is the right time to invest in stocks or if one should wait for a correction in the near future. No wonder that has became the key point of discussion on Twitter among seasoned investors and traders over the past week, as domestic equities showed clear signs of fatigue and lost some of the recent gains.

According to PMS fund manager Ravi Dharamshi, the possibility of a dip or correction must not deter investors from putting money in stocks. He says there remain opportunities in the market if you have longer enough time horizon.

Market veteran and PMS fund manager Basant Maheshwari adds on to the reasons for investing in the market now. He says anyone who avoids the worst phase of the market also misses the biggest opportunity.

At the same time, he warns there is some pain in store. “Better to keep money in bank FDs rather than buying truckloads of defensives. Sooner or later, the pandemic will go away and that’s when your pandemic-proof portfolio will hurt the most,” he tweeted.

Value investor Abhishek Basumallick has an important tip. He says the main ingredient for investment success is patience.

Market veteran Shankar Sharma believes what makes a great investor is the ability to weather all types of conditions and still stay strong. He draws an analogy from the game of cricket to further explain his point.

Sharma, however, says he respects traders over investors in the market, since trading success requires true skill, unlike investing.

On a different note, independent market expert Sandip Sabharwal says he does not expect the Reserve Bank of India to cut rates next week, and believes banks with percentage of loans under moratorium at 15-20% will be in for trouble after August.

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